Friday, April 06, 2007

Calling All Knitters .... Knitart

I have an idea in the works. Brett usually says "uh oh" as soon as I say that. I, however, think this is a great idea. But maybe it's not. Maybe it's a lousy idea. Maybe it's a super idea. I would like to know what other knitters think. So i'll start with the background and basis for the idea ...

I'm doing some major spring cleaning and what i'm calling "life clutter clearing". I'll try to make a very long story a little shorter here so please bear with me. I've realized (and i've posted about this before) that I hold onto things as a way of holding onto that part of my life. I've also realized how much this is weighing me down and i've decided to get rid of a lot of "stuff". I no longer want to be surrounded by what I used to be or wish I still was. I want to be surrounded by things that inspire me, things that fit my life now, things that make me happy, things that inspire my creativity, etc. As part of this i've been doing a bit of redecorating. I've taken down old pictures and i've hung new things on the walls. The latest of which is a crocheted ribbon shawl in just the right colors for our family room. I've also had an idea waiting in the wings of a piece of "knitart". I just haven't had the time to work on this project yet.

So here is where the "calling all knitters" thing comes in ... and I hope I describe it well enough that you all know what i'm saying ...

I want to make a piece of knitted art to hang on the wall, well two actually, one for the kitchen and one for our bedroom. My idea is to knit strips and weave them together to make a wall hanging. I got the idea of using strips from a baby blanket I saw once on Knitty Gritty. It's a good way to use up leftover yarn and yarn that I just don't want to knit anything wearable out of. It's also a good way to practice a new stitch, a cable, a lace pattern, etc. I'm thinking of making each one of these 2' x 3'. So I need to knit (or get help knitting) a bunch of strips that are either 2 feet or 3 feet long. Or maybe I should make it a square so everyone can stick with one length. As for the width of each piece, I would like them to be anywhere from 1 inch to five inches across. I want a good variety and therefore don't want them to all be the same width. Make sense?

And here's some more background for you ...
Since I started knitting a little over a year ago, I've been amazed by the knitting community. Both online and in person. It really brings people together and i've met some really great people this way. I just can't say enough about it. Knitters are some of the most generous people i've ever met. And what a wonderful craft to keep alive and well in the age of machines doing everything faster and cheaper. So how cool would it be to have some of that knitterly love and inspiration hanging right here in my house? I think it would be just great. So I thought i'd send it out there and see what kind of a response I get. I guess only time will tell ....

And here are some more details for you ...
Our kitchen is red (more dark, burnt red and burgundy than bright red but i don't think it really matters), green and tanish-brown (is that a color?). I would love strips in those colors or anything you think would gel with those colors.
Our bedroom is brown, blue and white. Any shade of those will do.

If you are feeling crafty and would like to help or want to tell me what a bad idea this is (hope not) or just have something to say about it, then either leave a comment to this post or email me at celenam [at] intergate [dot] com. Thanks and happy knitting!

Oh yeah ... and i'll be sure to track the progress here so everyone can see how it's coming along.


  1. Sounds like fun...I will look and see if there is anything I can contribute.

  2. I think that's a wonderful idea! Imagine all the fun and love and happy thoughts that will be knit into those pieces! I'm totally in. I'll email you and get some more specifics about what you want. Yay!

  3. Thanks Lorien and Sharon. You gals rock!

  4. I like the idea too-- what a great thing, to have art on your wall made with love by wonderful people! I have to say, though, that as much as I want to do it, I'm so behind right now in my knitting for others. Is there a time limit? If there is, is the time limit something like a few months away? Because I can't do anything by, say, the end of April (still need to finish those cardigans for the twins, sigh...) but if it's the end of June...? I could swing that!

  5. Thanks Lorena. There's definitely no time limit. I have quite a few projects backed up myself and not very much time to work on them. It could be six months from now before I have enough time/strips to put something together. I would definitely like to get it done sooner but I'm not going to stress over it. I'll just let it come together as it comes, know what I mean? :)

  6. Are you collecting yarn or actual knitted strips? I will see if there is a way to ask my SP group - everyone but 1 person - the person you are spoiling so that they don't know who you are. (If that's okay).. but I need to know, are you collecting yarn or the finished strips? Please email me the info! I'd be glad to help in any way I can.

  7. Hey there, fellow Snarklander. This sounds like a great and fun idea - mind if I join in? Like Lorena, I'm a little pressed for some current projects, but I think by May I might have some downtime.

  8. Hey there, fellow Snarklander. This sounds like a great and fun idea - mind if I join in? Like Lorena, I'm a little pressed for some current projects, but I think by May I might have some downtime.

    (I apologize if this got sent twice - Blogger isn't happy with me tonight)

  9. That would be great! Thanks so much.

    Is this betharoopie of snark? :)