Thursday, April 05, 2007

Weekend Update

I've been reminded that I have yet to blog about all the activities of the past weekend, so here it goes ...

It was a busy one, that's for sure. Friday night we had a Theta Tau alumni banquet in Gainesville. For those of you saying "what is Theta Tau" ... it is a co-ed professional engineering fraternity that Brett and I were both members of at UF. That is how we met. (Gotta love Theta Tau) It was a fun night. But then I don't get out much so pretty much anything out with friends is a fun night for me. There were three of my fellow pledge class brothers there too which was a nice surprise. From left to right: Jean, Me, Chanse, Gerald. We got talking about our pledge class and realized that it has now been ten years since we all pledged Theta Tau. Craziness, I say!

And a big group of us ended up downtown at Durty Nelly's later that night.

Saturday morning I nursed my hangover and then that afternoon my SIL Karena and I went to our new step-SIL's baby shower. Then I went to Kelly's for some knitting, drinking and Gator basketball watching. I ended up deciding not to spend the night due to the whole "exploding boobs in the morning" possibility. I had a great time though and really enjoyed getting to know some of the ladies from SnB. It's great to finally be making some new friends.

Sunday we played outside and then went to my nephew, Turner's birthday party. I can't believe he is five years old already! I about fell off my chair when someone mentioned him starting school this year. "That can't be", I thought. Holy cow man ... time really does fly! I remember holding him when he was just a month or so old. Wow. Wish I had brought my camera and took some pictures to post here but apparently I did not.

And I know weekends usually end on Sunday but since the Gators played monday night, our weekend pretty much rolled on through. We had a little get together here for the game, which I didn't know about until around 7pm and was informed that people were on their way over, but it's okay because we like to have people over. And besides that, I drank enough Dos Equis XX that I really didn't care much who was over here. I made some really yummy salsa and some lettuce lined taco dip that all went over really well. Brett cooked some sausage and pork chops on the grill and we had the tv hooked up outside on our new patio area. It was a great night for another national championship. GO GATORS!!!!

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