Friday, April 20, 2007

Stitch Marker Exchange

I've really enjoyed participating in the stitch marker exchange. I might even join the next round. I signed up for three partners and sent my stitch markers out last weekend. Here are the markers that I made.

I've received great feedback so far about my stitch markers. Robin posted here and here about the "Fields of Green" markers I sent to her. Seems like she really likes them. They were my favorite out of the three sets I made. I also sent some to my secret pal but I can't blog about that yet for fear that she will figure out who I am and then I wouldn't be her "secret" pal anymore, now would I? :) Julie posted here and here about the markers I sent her. What a great picture she took! My third pal was Sulah. She is blogless but she sent me a nice email about the markers I sent her. She was the recipient of the "Romantic Hearts".

I've only received one of my three sets so far so i'm anxiously awaiting the mail each day, hoping to find some handmade goodness in the mailbox. I got a great set of stitch markers from Crissy with some beautiful glass beads. In fact, i'm actually using one of them already on my first Booga Bag.

And speaking of stitch markers, I found the cutest stitch markers on Etsy. They are sheep ... check them out here. Just too freakin' cute!

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