Thursday, April 26, 2007

Craftiness, Sickies and Some Much Needed Venting

So i've been looking into dyeing my own yarn. I decided to use food coloring instead of my chemical dyes that I use for tie-dye. This way I can use my crockpot and kitchen utensils and still be able to use them for food afterwards. I've had my eye on Wilton's website. They make all kinds of cake decorating supplies and have a large selection of food coloring. Well just on a whim I checked our local wally world's craft department where I remembered seeing some cake decorating selections. (it's pretty sad when i pack up the boys and head to wally world just to get out of the house) Well guess what I found ... Wilton food coloring! And lots of it. And guess what else ... it's less expensive than ordering it directly from Wilton ... and that's before S&H charges too! Wooo hooo! Now all I need is some wool. here I come. :-)

And in other crafty news ... i've had some ideas floating around lately. Something exciting is in the works. But ... i'm not ready to share just yet. And besides, i'm still too sick to really make much progress in anything but lying around the house wishing somebody else was here to take care of my kids. I just about lost my last marble last night. And Brett got home about nine-thirty last night ... about ten mintues after I finally got the kids to sleep and was able to get a minute of peace. I am in serious need of some me time or I am going to go postal mama on somebody. If you see me around it's probably best to just keep on goin' like you never saw me there. The kicker is that tonight was supposed to be a mom's night out with some mommy friends in gainesville. I was really looking forward to it. Well that all fell apart due to some sick kids and me having the mystery crud that I do figured I wouldn't go spread it around the mom's group anyway. So I decided that I was going to go sit at the Marion Street Cafe downtown here in LC and knit for a little while. (i can sit outside and not spread my germs) Just to be alone and not have somebody need something every two seconds. Well as of lunchtime today that has fallen to hell as well ... to do with Brett having to go to a meeting because someone he works with is sick. And saturday they have a booth at the mall for some sort of trade show so the yarn sale I was thinking of going to in G'ville just to get away for a bit ... well that looks to be out as well unless I want to deal with two kids and lots of little balls of yarn and people all at the same time. We'll see how desperate I am to get out of here by then. As usual what I want comes last. Fun thing about being a mom. Okay, i'm done venting now. Thanks for listening, er ... uh ... reading. By the way ... anybody watch Idol Gives Back last night? That stuff will make you feel bad for ever complaining about anything ever again ... but hey, this is my blog so i'll complain if I want to. :-P

And as for the mystery crud ... I have honestly never been sick like this. I definitely feel better than I did this past weekend when all I wanted was somebody to put me out of my misery but I am nowhere near my usual self. I haven't eaten much at all since saturday which is very strange for me. I love food. I can always eat. Even when I have the flu ... I still eat. That not feeling like eating because you are sick thing has never happened to me ... until now. I did manage to eat a sandwich for lunch today that Brett brought me when he came home to get his clothes for the meeting tonight. That's the most I've eaten in one meal since saturday afternoon. I have the oddest sore throat ever. It's more like all the muscles in my neck are sore and swollen so it makes my throat hurt. It's not a raw sore throat like with strep, it's kinda like there's some really big dude with his hands around my neck squeezing and bruising everything. Does that make sense? My ears hurt and feel like they are stuffed with cotton and I can't wear my contacts. I'm considering going to a doctor if i'm not better by next week. And that says a lot. I haven't gone to the doctor for being sick in ten years. Literally. It was finals week during my third year in college. I remember it well. I'm not the type to turn to a doctor everytime there's a sickness or a fever in the house. I go to the chiropractor and midwife and accupuncturist but not a regular MD. I believe in my body's ability to heal itself and I know there are a lot of great herbs and homeopathics out there to help it along. I use nature's antibiotics when I have an infection ... garlic, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin c and colloidal silver. I cured an ear/jaw infection earlier this year with those things plus a lymph terrain tincture from my accupuncturist and a homeopathic for nerve injury. I stay away from standard antibiotics for several reasons that I won't bore you with here. Let's just say they throw your body off balance and leave you with a mess to clean up afterwards, even if you don't know it. Sure they have thier place but for me they are a last resort. Oh yeah, and the fact that I tend to be allergic to them doesn't help much either. I would have started that same arsenal of supplements last weekend but I was out of everything but the vitamin c and lymph terrain. On tuesday I finally was able to make it out of the house with both kids to Healthy Solutions and restock my arsenal. I even found a homeopathic for fevers which I was really happy about because I felt my fever coming back right as I was pulling up to the store. I've been dosing up on those since I got them and guess what ... I haven't had a fever since! That's pretty impressive considering my fever came back every day for about four days as soon as the ibuprofen wore off. My neck and throat are still sore but not anywhere near as bad as they were before tuesday. I can actually get some sleep now which is nice. My ears are starting to hurt a little less as well. Hopefully i'll be able to kick this by the end of the weekend and not have to go to a doctor. And it would be really nice to be able to wear my contacts again. It's really bright outside and I don't own any prescription sunglasses.

Well that's it for my bah humbug post for the day. Hope your day is going better than mine. :)


  1. I hope you feel better soon. That illness sounds cruddy.

  2. Oh, no! I hope you feel better soon. I'm so impressed by your natural approach to taking care of your body. Do you have any books or websites that you utilize that you could suggest I review?