Friday, April 06, 2007

Some Pre-Easter Fun

Houston decorated some Easter eggs last night. We blew the stuff out so the eggs were lighter and easier for him to handle. Also made them make less of a splash when he dropped them into the cup of dye. Seemed to work pretty well.

Aren't they pretty? :-)

The boys got a package from thier Pappy Tom and Grammy Lee yesterday. Houston is always super excited when a box shows up on the front door. And he just loved, loved, loved this one!

Actually the UPS guy showed up yesterday morning and said he had a package for us. After about five minutes of searching his truck he said he couldn't find it and that it must have ended up on another truck. Interesting, I thought. Especially since I didn't know we were expecting a package from UPS. My jogging stroller was scheduled to arrive yesterday but it was via FedEx, so I really wasn't sure what was going on. Later in the day FedEx did arrive with my stroller and then about 6 o'clock in the evening here comes UPS again with a big box for the boys. And as for the jogging stroller ... i've been anxiously awaiting its arrival and wouldn't you know the day it finally comes i'm in the middle of such a bad allergy attack that I didn't even open the box. It was so nice out yesterday that I opened all the windows and set up the fan to air out the house. It took me several hours of feeling like I was getting very sick to realize that I had filled the house with pollen and that both Houston and I were having an allergy attack. I finally closed up the house and turned the air back on and we were both better in about an hour or so.

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