Friday, January 11, 2008

and now for something completely different ...

... ha ha, jokes on me. nothing different ... just more yucky sickness. i took brody to the doctor yesterday because he's had a lingering cough from the sickness we all got over christmas. turns out he has an ear infection and eye infection from the upper respiratory thing we all had. then i went to the dentist for a cleaning and to ask about a tooth that's been bothering me. seems nothing is really wrong with my tooth except that i have a tooth colored filling on a molar which can lead to sensitivity which the dentist wants to replace with an amalgum (or however it's spelled). but wait, there's more ... as there tends to be these days. seems two former root canals are now showing absesses. he said this is really rare, especially to have two of them do this so now i have to go to an endodontist on monday to see if i need two new root canals. YIKES!!!!!!!! i'm really hoping there is a less invasive option.

the whole lupus/rheumatoid arthritis thing has been bothering me. it apparently runs in my family and both attack connective tissue of the body and that seems to be where most of my issues are lately. i have another two months before my next set of lupus/ra tests so i guess i just have to wait and see what happens. i'm going to start taking a bromelain/turmeric compound and astragalus along with everything else so i hope that helps. i also found this which i am going to start giving brody and houston.

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