Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fiber! Wool! Sheep! Yummy Yarn!!! :)

For some reason, I am totally in love with the smell of raw wool. Does this make me strange? :)

I've been carding my little butt off to the point that I actually have blisters on my hands. At spinning class last friday night I was thinking that hand carding raw wool to spin was kind of silly when there is perfectly prepared roving-a-plenty ... and then I went home and finished carding some raw wool and started to spin it up ... and that my friends, is when I fell in love.

Anyone that lives in this area that has an interest in learning to spin ... I would highly recommend the spinning class at Hanks Yarn & Fibers in Gainesville. I'm learning so much more than just how to spin yarn. Ginger is a great teacher and has taught us how to go all the way from a sheep in the back yard (oh if only .... but that's another story ... our next dog is gonna have to be long-haired) to some gorgeous hand spun yarn. Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

I am totally in love with the wheel I have at home this week. It's a Louet and it is so nice to work with. So much easier for me than the Ashford I had at home last week. Ginger also brought her Ashford Traveler in for me to look at. That's one of the two I blogged about last week. It was nice but I think I have to go with the Louet. The treadle on the Traveler had a higher angle than the Louet and that doesn't go well with my bad ankle. And in more wheel news, my undyed yarn finally came in the mail yesterday. Time to get dyeing and sell some more yarn to to charge up my spinning wheel fund.

I have this dyed in the raw wool to finish carding and spinning as well as some unwashed wool and alpaca.

I also dyed and spun some roving yesterday.

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