Friday, January 25, 2008

The Other Wheel ...

This is the Louet S10 double treadle model. The Ashford I blogged about earlier is also a double treadle. I like the double treadle idea because of my ankle issues. I treadle with my right foot which is also the one with tendinitis and arthritis so it would really take some stress off my ankle to be able to treadle with both feet. Other than that, I still need to learn more about the different types of wheels. One thing I really like about this Louet is that the wheel is down low so I can kick start it with my foot when I need to without having to let go of the fiber. I don't know if this will be as important as my spinning skills improve. I used an S10 in class last week and it was very handy to be able to give it a little spin with my left foot. I also like having everything right in front of me (verticially.... is this castle style?) instead of having the wheel over to the side of the yarn/fiber.

I want to figure out what wheel I really would like to have so I know what to keep my eye out for and what to save up for. Not sure if it will happen anytime soon, especially with the events of the past month (read the next paragraph), but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can really step up my yarn selling.

Brody went to daycare on Wednesday for the first time in two weeks and woke up Thursday morning with pink eye and an ear infection once again. So we paid for daycare for me to work one day and then go spend $150 the next day between the doc and meds and have to stay home with him the rest of the week. Sooooooo frustrating. This has happened for three or four weeks in a row now. Financially, it is not working. If I can't keep these boys healthy i'm going to have to find someone to come to the house to watch them and pull them out of daycare. I can only do this for so much longer. I'm not as young as I used to be and I hate pulling nights like last night where I stayed up and worked until 2:45am and then get up at 7:30am to start it all over again trying to get a little more done before Brody wakes up. That's the whole reason we opted to put the kids in daycare to begin with .. so I didn't have to do that anymore. Now i'm going to feel like crap all day. I'm back to working at night with the added expense of about $150/week at the doctor and $140/week for daycare. I wouldn't be sad about pulling Brody out of daycare but Houston is doing so well there. He has learned so much ... sings his ABC's, can count to 20, sings all kinds of songs and is just generally a little sponge looking for more knowledge. He eats that stuff up! It has also greatly improved his speech issues. The other option would be to find a homecare or nanny situation for Brody and go ahead and start Houston in the Montessori school that I plan on sending them to. They start taking kids at age 3 so Houston is plenty old enough. It would be more expensive than our current situation but it would probably allow me to work more so maybe the money would work itself out. Well speaking of work, I better get back to it!

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