Thursday, January 03, 2008

My Resolutions

1. Take better care of myself. For the first time in a long time (four years to be exact) I feel like I can actually focus a little more on myself. I'm not pregnant ... or nursing ... or both. It's time to get myself healthy again so I feel better and can take better care of my family. This includes exercising more, remembering to take my vitamins every day, drinking more water, eating more raw foods, keeping the good sleeping schedule I have going and going back to acupuncture. And I'm going to start it all off by doing a detox. Still working on the plan though. I would love to do a week long detox but I don't know if I can handle that with kids and work. May just have to do a weekend juice detox.
2. Update this blog ... get rid of the once preferred, now overbearingly yucky pink
3. Knit more. :)
4. Study for the FE exam. This is my professional development resolution. I thought it would be a good way to freshen up on all I learned in college ... now that i'm back to using it.
5. Get organized.
Every time we go off on vacation somewhere (which doesn't happen very often) I come home with new eyes. I see all the clutter and chaos that is our house. We got home saturday afternoon after driving straight through from Indiana and even though I planned on sleeping when I got home I found myself in a frenzy of sweeping and mopping and cleaning. I've actually done a lot over that past couple of years. I hope to continue the trend and get even more organized this year and hope to have less "stuff" this time next year.
6. Learn to spin. Yeah .. like I need another hobby ... I will fit it in somewhere though.

Those are my resolutions .... what's yours???

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  1. My resolutions are almost exactly the same! It's the first year for me in 3 that I won't be pregnant or nursing, so now I'm reclaiming my body. I think I'm not going to take on any new hobbies this year!