Thursday, June 14, 2007

Brody's One Year Check-up

Well it's official. My big baby boy has turned into my little peanut. He has a big head and is a little taller than average but he is small as far as weight goes. We knew that was going to be the case. He really slowed down his growth to almost nothing right around six months or so. He's wearing size twelve month clothes now but doesn't fill them out all the way at all. Actually, some of them are a little too big. I know Houston was a lot heavier to pick up and tote around with me when he was a year old. Houston also was in 18 month clothes, pushing the 24 month size when he turned one.

Brody's head circumference is in the 92nd percentile but his height is the 60th percentile and his weight is in the 30th percentile. So 70% of kids his age weigh more than he does. And he was 12 pounds at birth! Funny, huh? Houston was a big baby too but he never really slowed down. He's still a lot bigger than most kids his size. I guess little brother is going to truly be the little brother. Dr. Mas said that this is probably where he will level off at and will most likely stay a little smaller than average. She's not worried about his weight at all though because he looks really healthy. Some pediatricians put a lot of stock in those growth charts and i've had friends whose peds told them their kids were "failing to thrive" because of where there are on the growth chart, even though they look super healthy. Just another reason I love our doctor. She uses common sense and doesn't get her head stuck in the charts.

We had a good day on tuesday. We went to the doctor's office, which is in gainesville, and then went to the mall there to have the boys pictures taken. We had a great photographer and she got some of the best photos of the boys that i've ever had taken. We shared some chinese food in the food court and then went to the play area so the boys could wear themselves out before the drive home. It was a really good day and they behaved wonderfully and then slept all the way home.

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