Friday, June 08, 2007

Bon Voyage, Atlantis!

NASA Shuttle Mission Information Site

Launch is set for 7:38 pm on friday. You can learn about this space station assembly mission by clicking here. This is an important mission for the power system team that I used to be a part of. The solar arrays never behave like they were designed to when being retracted or deployed. Makes for some interesting space walks. If you have the NASA channel you can watch it in action. Pretty amazing stuff. Also something of note, there are two shuttle launch pads, 39A and 39B. This is the first mission since Columbia's final voyage in 2003 to use pad 39A. I have some pictures of me up on the launch pad as well as some of me in the cockpit of Atlantis that i'll try to scan and post later today if i'm not a walking zombie. And why am I up at 4 o'clock in the morning, you ask? Had to go birthday party menu shopping tonight and then had a wind load to do when I got home. Had a little too much coffee trying to stay up to get that job done. And here I sit ... at 4am ... wide awake. I'm going to go count sheep now. Good night. Or good morning. Whatever.

NASA Fact: The energy released by the three space shuttle main engines is equivalent to the output of 13 Hoover Dams!

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  1. 3 space shuttles during take off= output of 13 Hoover Dams.. doing what? Creating energy for 5 seconds? Output for how long?