Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Great Start ... Day 1 of 11

Houston had his last swimming lesson this morning after which we went running ... well it was more of a walk-run-walk-run but i kept my heart rate up. The boys rode in the double stroller, of course. Brody even managed to sneak a nap in. Would have been able to run a bit more but my shoes were hurting my pinky toe. Gonna have to do something about that real soon. After the run/walk in which I made it just under four miles in an hour ... we went to the pool at the Y for some swimming fun. Every morning during Houston's swimming lesson I have to fight Brody to keep him out of the pool. He keeps trying to crawl in and fusses at me while doing the sign for swim. I told them today that I would take them swimming so off we went. It was a lot of fun and the boys loved it too. I love to swim and really should go more often. Houston is a little fish with his water wings on. He kept throwing a ball out into the middle of the pool and then swimming out to get it all the while saying "swim mama, i swim mama" and then he would stop and float and say "float mama, i float mama". Too cute, I tell ya! He is so proud of himself .. just a smiling from ear to ear. And then he wanted to swim some without his water wings so we practiced some real swimming too. That kid is fearless. He jumps right off the steps and under he goes but he kicks his way back up to me. I'm so excited about this. I think he'll be swimming without his water wings by the end of the summer.

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  1. yay! a count down to my wedding!!
    for me on day 1 of 11 i ate a huge chipotle burrito for lunch and movie theater popcorn for dinner
    it's not looking too good, but i did go to the gym! :P