Friday, June 15, 2007

Some Random Things

Here's our dinner from last night. I made honey raisin talapia. This is probably the best fish recipe in the history of the world. Okay so maybe not but it's gotta be close. YUMMY! And the green beans and squash are straight from the garden. Can't get much more fresh than that. I picked them in the morning and we ate them that night. Good stuff, I tell ya! I got the recipe from Grammy Lee. She made it for us when the boys and I went to Bradenton back in March. I ran into the recipe while cleaning out my purse and just happened to have all the ingredients right here at home. Brett wasn't sure about it as I was cooking it but he really, really liked it.

Brody wasn't quite as happy about dinner as Brett and I were. Unfortunately for Houston he fell asleep early and missed all the yumminess. I saved some for him for lunch today though.

And here's Houston sporting some of the new clothes his grandpa sent him. He's so cute and talking so much more now. Every time he puts on some of his new clothes from the huge pile his grandpa sent him he says "grandpa do dat" meaning "grandpa sent me these clothes". Smart kid .. he knows which clothes he's never worn before. He is so into clothes too ... it's funny. He changes his outfit about three times a day. Makes for lots of laundry but he enjoys it so I let him help himself. He's so good at it too. He looks at the tags to make sure they are in the back and I never have to help him get dressed. He's actually been doing this for quite a while now. He's very independant.

And remember the "ugly socks", as I so affectionately named them? Well I decided to keep knitting for a while just to see what happens and i'm glad I did. Now i'm not saying they aren't ugly anymore, I'm just saying i'm happy with the change in direction that the pattern took. Somehow it makes them look better to me. Joy told me to look at them like tie-dye and that gave me a whole new perspective. I really wanted some mindless knitting to do while my mind ran circles around itself and these socks were right there waiting for me. I started the second one too and i'm done with the 1x1 ribbing. Now on to many, many rounds of plain stockinette. (That's just knitting every stitch for you non-knitters ... no purling or anything else ... so I can pretty much do it with my eyes closed.) I'm working on some blue/brown kettle dyed sock yarn today to knit Brett some socks with for his birthday. Hopefully that will work out well. Don't tell him though .. it's a surprise. He never reads this so I can post about it here.


  1. Funny...we had tilapia last night and I blogged about it too. It's the only fresh fish I buy--I go to whole foods and buy a bunch (have them pack it into 4-filet packages) then throw it in the freezer.

    I really like how the socks are turning out!

  2. OMG I love they socks! They look like some kind of exotic animal print.