Thursday, June 07, 2007


This picture was taken last sunday at our friends Justin & Wrenda's house. They had a BBQ to celebrate some birthdays. Wrenda, John and Katielynn (the cutie pie in the very front who just turned two) all have birthdays in the past two weeks. It's crazy how much this crew has grown in the last couple of years. Less than three short years ago Houston was the only little one in the group. Now we're all moms. Well all except for Tifani but she's pregnant so she'll be joining us soon. She's the one sitting next to me holding Brody. I just love this picture. From left to right: Jenna & Noah, Wrenda & Gavin, Tifani & Brody, Me & Houston, Holly & Emma and in the front is Jenn & Katielynn.

There are some more really cute pics of the kids from that day on Wrenda's blog. I forgot to charge the batteries in my camera so I only got to take one pic that day.

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