Friday, June 22, 2007

Stitch Marker Exchange, part 2

I enjoyed the stitch marker exchange so much last time around that I decided to do it again. I was a little behind in getting my markers out this week but I finally got them finished and they are on their way. (stomach virus set me back a bit) One set is going to Robyn in Canada, another to Jessica in Alabama and the third is going to Jessica in New Jersey. I'm not saying which is going where, just in case they see this post. Want to keep up a little bit of a surprise. I think the top set is my favorite. I just love the color of the glass beads and the little butterflies are too cute. I'm a big fan of butterflies though so i'm a bit biased. I think I might make myself a pair of earrings like those. Would be cute, no? And for the non-knitters wondering why one bead is different on the top two sets, it's so when you are knitting in the round using more than one stitch marker you can keep track of where the beginning of each round is.

So far I have received one of my three sets. I got these "oh so cute" stitch markers from Kimberly. I still can't get over the cuteness of this little penguin. He makes me happy every time I look at him. I still can't grasp how she made this little guy. He's so perfect. If I had two I would probably turn them into earrings just so I could wear them around. :)

I think he needs a name ... but what shall it be? Any suggestions? This little guy is truly bringing out the child in me. Tee hee.