Monday, July 16, 2007

A Mama Free Sunday ... well amost

I finally got to go to Stitch 'n Bitch yesterday. Yay! :) We moved to a new location and it was great. We're meeting at Books-a-Million on 13th street now. Unfortunately I only made it there for the last hour of the meeting because of the bad rain and accidents on the way down and the fact that I first went to the wrong B-a-M ... oops! But a few of us went out to Applebee's afterwards and I then I went to Lorena's house to pet her stash and talk more about Ravelry, as we are both addicted. Oh my does that woman have some yarn! I'm soooooooo envious! And she spins too which was really cool to watch. I really wanted to learn to spin before but after seeing it in action the "really want to" is turning into a "must do". Now all I need is a spinning wheel .... hmmm ... have to work on that one. :)

I really enjoyed hanging out with the SnB ladies and hope to do it much more often in the future. It's great to find some talented, like-minded ladies to hang out with. I don't get that much so I really appreciate it when I do. It's also really nice to go somewhere as "Celena" instead of "Houston and Brody's mom" ... know what I mean? It was a much needed break for me that I must do more often.

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  1. And it was wonderful to hang out with you! Here's to hoping that it happens again, VERY SOON! :-)

    (meanwhile, see you on The Rav! LOL!)