Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yarny, Yarn, Yarn

So I finally have my dyeing process down and made some stuff that I really liked and that I thought was good enough to sell. I planned on posting it on Etsy tomorrow but brought it with me to SnB today to see what some fellow knitters thought. I only came home with one of the four skeins of sock yarn I dyed. Sold the other three in the firt ten minutes I was there. Guess that means i'm doing something right. :) I took a bunch of pictures before I parted with the yarn so please, enjoy some yarny eye candy.


"Blue Earth" (above) and (below) are the same skein, different lighting. It's actually somewhere in between the colors in these two pictures.

"Venus" (above) I didn't have time to reskein this one so you can still see the pools of color.

Here's some bulky weight wool I hand painted and then overdyed. I'm working up a pattern for a felted handbag that uses one skein of this yarn.

Here are the four skeins of sock yarn. I still have the one on the right, "Martian Sunset".

And here it is before I reskeined it.

And see this? I'm going to have this times ten in my back yard in less than eight hours. I'm going to sleep now.

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