Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Secret Pal!!!

I had a package slip waiting for me when I got home on sunday. I picked my package up yesterday afternoon and look at all the good stuff!

My secret pal, DeDe, lives in New York, NY. She included a Central Park themed coffee mug and some yummy tea which will definitely be put to good use. I love NYC and can't wait to get back there sometime. Brett has never been so I really want to take him there one day. Maybe DeDe can show us around!

I'm not sure what the intended use is for the polk-a-dot bag but I think it will make a great case for my dpn's. And this chocolate .... mmmmmmmm .... you can't get much better than organic dark chocolate with cherries!

And what's in the pretty pink paper?

It's yarn! And gorgeous yarn too. It's so soft I can't stop petting it and I just love the colors. I've never seen anything like it. She included enough to knit myself a tank top and included a pattern as well. I've really been wanting to knit myself a tank top and I either blogged about that and she read it or she read my mind. Either way ... thanks DeDe! I can't wait to cast on. I love the pattern too in that it's not just a simple tank top. It's got the cross over thing going on up top which I absolutely love in a tank top. And the yarn is cotton too which is great for the Florida heat.

She also sent me a the book "Yarns to Dye for" which i'm really excited about. I've already flipped through and have my eye on several things I want to try out.

I took this pic outside and then did some color adjusting to get the color of the yarn to look like it actually does. In doing that it turned the grass in the background a brownish orange, which it is not. It's still bright green but if we don't get some rain with this heat wave it may end up looking like that for real. It was 98 degrees yesterday when I went to the post office!

This adorable little dragonfly pot has some yummy patchouli cream in it. Now again I wonder, did I blog about my love of dragonflies or did she guess this as well?

So i've done a little reading of DeDe's blog and she seems really cool. We have a lot of things in common too like running, good wine, good music and of course, knitting.


  1. Celena,

    I'm so glad you enjoyed everything I got you! I was hoping to find a better little case for your dpns but hopefully that little pouch will last you a little while.

    I can't wait to see how the tank comes out!

    We'll keep in touch.

    Take Care,


  2. Hi there! :-) I've randomly stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed looking at your presents! May I ask what a "secret pal" is?
    ~Maria (Australia)

  3. Hi Maria. Thanks for visiting. You can read about the secret pal thing at www.secretpal10.blogspot.com. It's a secret pal exchange for knitters and it's a lot of fun.

  4. Is that Patagonia?! :runs to your Ravelry page: No, it's not. Looks very luscious and soft though!

    You should join more groups on Ravelry. 14 is just not nearly enough. :p