Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Wedding Fun Pics

Houston fell asleep on the way to the rehearsal dinner and slept for about an hour on the floor while we all ate. He woke up just in time for dessert.

This is us rehearsing for the wedding. Isn't that a beautiful backdrop for a wedding?

Bachelor/Bachelorette party fun at Gameworks.

The bride- and groom-to-be.

We met up with my mom at a nearby mall to drop the kids off and found this carousel.

Look ... she's a natural!

The wedding cake ... yum!

And finally ... the wedding. Unfortunately, only about two of our pics of the wedding turned out. Brett didn't know that I adjusted the camera settings the day before to deal with the odd lighting in the aquarium and so he did some adjusting of his own which turned out with us not having any good pics of the actual wedding. I'll have to get some from someone else. It was absolutely beautiful and just about the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed. Doug and Rachel wrote the ceremony and thier vows. It was awesome and everyone was crying.


  1. Hey, where did the wedding take place? It looks gorgeous!

  2. You don't say where the wedding took place. Is it somewhere anyone can visit? Tampa Aquarium?