Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Baby News

Our friends Wrenda & Justin came over last night with thier little boy, Gavin. I just couldn't resist taking a chubby baby picture. I'll have to show this to them when they are graduating high school. :) While they were here we got a call from our mutual friends Cody & Holly saying that Holly was in labor and that they were on thier way to the hospital. We had just talked about how it had to be any day now and Wrenda and I both decided that we thought they were going to have a girl. (I seem to have started a wave of friends not finding out in advance what the sex of thier baby is b/c of what happened when Houston was born.) Well Wrenda called this morning and said they had a baby girl at 6am. We still have some discrepancy on the name though, it's either Emma Lee or Emily. She was eight pounds, not sure if that's exact though and twenty inches long. I can't wait to see her! I think it's time for me to pass on some of my little girl clothes i've been holding on to for three years now. (For those of you who don't know, I was told after an ultrasound while preggo with Houston that he was a girl ... found out otherwise when he was born.) I thought I was going to have more babies but i'm feeling more and more like that's not the case. I even feel ready to get rid of baby things, boy clothes that both boys have grown out of and even my maternity clothes. So I think Emma Lee/Emily is going to have some brand new baby girl clothes headed her way. They've been packed away in the shed since a few days after Houston was born. Even if we do end up having another baby the chances of said baby being anything other than another Crews man is highly, highly unlikely ... if not impossible. Just the way things go around here ...

And while we're on the baby news topic, Wrenda made some really gorgeous diaper bags that she is going to sell. She has a post about them on her blog. Click here to see it. I saw one that she made for Holly using some beautiful green and brown fabrics. It was awesome. If anyone is interested (have any baby showers to attend?) please let me know and I can send you her contact info.

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