Thursday, February 22, 2007


Four years ago today (and eight years total, which I can hardly believe). Aren't we just the cutest? And a busy four years it has been. On our first anni I was pregnant. On the second I was nursing a baby who wasn't even eating any solid food yet. On the third anni I was pregnant again. And now on the fourth I am nursing a baby, however, he is eating plenty of solid food so please, for the love of God, bring on a bottle of wine!!! :-P

In four years i've gone from a full-time working aerospace engineer (in mission control, no less) to full-time work-at-home super mom of two precious little boys. Wow ... how things change!

From left to right: my cousin Lindsay (the one we visited last weekend), Cari (friend from high school and also best friend and roommate through most of college), Rachel (aka Dr. Dinero, one of my bestest friends ever who now has a PhD in psychology, i'm so proud of her, and is getting married in July herself and i will be in her wedding too), Ashton (Steve's daughter), me and Brett (obviously), Brian (Brett's brother), Steve (Brett's cousin) and Tommy (my brother)

And just for the amusement value I have to throw in a picture of the parents. Those of you who don't know my family very well may be a little confused by this. Note that only two of the people in this photo belong to Brett ... his mom and his dad. All the others are my "parents" ... well except for Stew, the Brit on the right. He was my mom's boyfriend but is no longer around. And for the sake of not upsetting any of them who will probably be reading this blog I will not explain any further. They are all my parents and I love them all (sometimes more than others, he he), no matter what label is attached.

And here is Patsy, Brett's mom and my dearly missed mother-in-law. We lost her to cancer nine months after this picture was taken. She was so beautiful that day, even without hair, and she was so happy. We were already engaged but decided to speed up our wedding date to make sure she was there and could be involved. I'm so glad that we did because things changed drastically not too long after this.


  1. Hey you! Mad congrats to you guys! I didn't realize it had already been four years although! Time goes so fast! Congratulations!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love the flower balls that you and your attendants carried during your wedding. What a great idea!


    Sandy (I can't remember by username/password)

  3. i can't believe it's been four years, i remember it like it was yesterday! i was so happy to be a part of such a special day for you and am so lucky to have you be a part of mine!!
    love you!

  4. Celena- You look so beautiful at your wedding! Of course you are beautiful now, but still, I mean, your white dress is so pretty and you look so happy. Your husband is one lucky guy!