Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We Have Tomatoes!

Well almost... we have tomato plants anyway. I planted two grape tomato plants .... yummy! I planned to plant lettuce (romaine and iceburg) in the other earth box but I couldn't find seedlings so I have to sprout some seeds. Also, to my surprise when I opened the box of earth boxes for the first time I found that we are the proud owners of three earth boxes, not two like I thought. So today I get to go back to Lowe's/HomeDepot or somewhere like that and find something else to plant. It really is sad that we have just opened these things since my dad got them for us for Christmas in '05. In our defense, it has been a busy couple of years around here having babies and all. ;-)

Step 1: Unpacking the earth boxes.

Step 2: Fill with potting mix. I'm experimenting here a little bit in using the potting mix from Brett's nursery instead of buying potting soil. It may drain a little too well but I had to at least try it since we have a huge mound of it out in the nursery.

Step 3: Place line of granular fertilizer. I used some organic fertilizer that Miracle Grow now sells. I couldn't find the organic fertilizer that I usually use and I can't remember the name of it. I used to buy it at Lowes but all they had was this Miracle Grow.

Step 4: Place cover over earth box.

Step 5: Cut slits in cover and plant your plants.

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