Sunday, February 11, 2007

More Pics

The wedding was a bit of a zoo as Frankie & Nancy had their kids and spouses and grandkids standing up with them. One spouse was passing out, Houston kept trying to talk to Papa while he was trying to get married and Brody cooing along happily. There were 3 two-year-olds up there and for some reason mine was the only one that couldn't stand still and quietly watch Papa and Miss Nancy get married.
We went to a Japanese Steakhouse after the wedding. I really enjoyed it but Houston was being crazy (go figure) and it was driving Brett crazy. You can (well maybe not, but i can) just see the wild look on his face in this picture. In Houston's defense he was hungry and thirsty and we had the waitress from h-e-doublehockeysticks. It took at least thirty minutes to get a drink. We were there for a long time and surprisingly enough Brody sat next to me in a high chair and didn't fuss even one time. He was truly entertained by everything going on and he was really digging the food. He kept reaching over and grabbing handfuls of rice off Houston's plate and shoving it quickly in his mouth before anyone could take it away.

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