Monday, February 19, 2007

Little Break & Projects for the Week

Every time I get a little break from everyday life I find new inspiration. I've needed a break for a while and I finally got one this past weekend. We stayed with my cousin Lindsay in Ft. Myers this weekend and then went to a family reunion in Venice on Sunday. My cousin is a very artsy person and as usual, being around her for a couple of days has inspired me to get moving on some artsy projects of my own. She has a very interesting mosaic on the wall in her kitchen which gave me some ideas. She also has lots of color on the walls which was also inspiring. Interesting choices of course but i wouldn't expect anything less from her. Project #1: Paint the door and window frames in the kitchen brick red.

This weekend was the Edison Festival in Ft. Myers so we had plenty to keep us entertained. We went to a parade on saturday evening (longest parade i've ever seen) and when we got back to Lindsay's house we heard a band playing nearby. It only took us about ten seconds after we stepped out of the car to realize that is was our favorite band, Sister Hazel. We couldn't believe it! So we sat outside in Lindsay's awesome back yard and listed to our favorite band playing live while enjoying a frosty beverage or two. How cool was that!?!?!

Houston had a great time too. Lindsay's roommate Aaron has some drums and Houston loves drums. I got a really cute video of the two of them banging away together. I'm going to try to figure out how to put video on blogger later tonight. It's just too cute not to share. Houston also found a new dance partner in Lindsay. He loves to dance. The two of them danced a little on friday night to some great jazzy tunes and then he kept asking her to dance for the rest of the weekend. I'm really loving how into music Houston appears to be. Being a musician myself I am really super happy about that. We plan to encourage it every chance we get. I'm really looking forward to him being old enough to take music lessons. He loves to sing, dance and play the drums. It is actually quite surprising how good he is at playing the drums already. I wish we lived somewhere a little more cultured and artsy. Guess we'll just have to keep going down to Gainesville for that kind of thing.

Lindsay seems to be running a bit of a hippie commune in her house. (dude, i could totally live there) They buy lots of fresh produce from the local farmer's market, they recycle, they compost ... did I mention the occasional drum circle? This inspired project #2: Finally plant our earth boxes. I haven't figured out what to plant yet though. We have two earth boxes so I'm looking for two planting ideas. I'm not sure if I can plant spring vegetables yet with the weather we've had lately. The earth boxes will probably be up on the deck though so I could easily cover them up if it gets too cold. I would like to plant brussel sprouts but I think those are a winter crop. I'll have to consult my Edible Landscape book. And Brett promised me on the way home last night that we will have a spring garden again this year. Finally! I don't think we've had one since I was pregnant with Houston.

I went to a yarn store while we were in Ft. Myers and bought some more sock yarn. I know, I know, I really don't need any more yarn. What can I say? It's become an addiction. And not very Compact but I have a visa gift card from Christmas that was for knitting stuff so that's how i'm justifying it.

We went to a Faso family reunion (my dad's mom's family) on Sunday in Venice. It was great to see a bunch of family that I haven't seen in many, many years. I'll post more about that later including some pictures. Right now I have two fussy little boys on my hands that need lunch.

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