Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Comments & New Blogger

So i've been wondering why nobody seems to leave me comments anymore. Turns out somehow (i'm blaming cyber-gnomes) the emails from blogger telling me I had a comment to moderate were being sent directly to my trash folder. This probably happened during the fury of spam comments I had to sort through forcing me to enable word verification and to junk about 100 comments instead of sorting through the trash to look for anything good.

Blogger just forced me to move my blog over to the "new blogger" (whatever) and now it's easier to see when I have comments waiting. (i don't have to go looking) So I have found one reason to like the new blogger among my several reasons not to. For one, notice my profile is gone? All that crafty talk of tie-dye, knitting, sewing, etc? It's gone. It's a long story but for now i'll just say that Blogger tricked me. Or maybe it was the cyber-gnomes again. Those pesky little nomes! So until I find the time and patience to deal with the issue (it's a long story having to do with three separate blogs now falling under one login), i'll be profiless. (um, is that a word? is now i suppose. hey it's my blog isn't it?)

And why, oh why, do I no longer have the ability to change my text color with a click of the mouse? I know, I know, I can html it ... but I DON'T WANT TO! I want my nifty little icon back that brings up that nifty little color chart! NOW!! :-(


  1. Ummmm, the word is "gnome", uh, not "nome". :) Love ya!

  2. Hey I never claimed to be able to spell. :-P I'm an engineer, remember? ;-) But thanks for the edit.