Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Birthdays & Blogs

I know Houston's birthday is still three months away but i've been thinking about what to get him. Do you remember the game Hungry Hippos? I loved that game as a child and I know Houston would get a kick out of it. I was in wally world yesterday and decided to paruse the game isle and see if it was still around. Looks like Hungry Hippos is still a favorite because I found it right there next to Candy Land. I also made a great new toy discovery. It's called the Cranium Giggle Gear Mega Fort. I linked to Toys'r'Us so you can check it out. I soooo want to get one of these for the boys. Where were these toys when we were young, huh? This fort kit lets you build a fort in several different configurations, over and over again. Awesome!

And speaking of birthdays ... Brody's is less than two weeks away. I got invitations out last week and i've decided on the menu for the day. Burgers (turkey, beef and veggie) with all the fixings, new potatoes, beans and pasta salad. I did a trial run this past weekend of the new potatoes and beans in one big dish and they turned out really yummy. I've made the pasta salad a hundred times so I didn't need a trial run of that but I did make some and it was good as well. In fact, I just finished it up for lunch today.

I finally got around to posting on my other blog. Poor Andy has been waiting on me for almost two months for this one. Boy how time disappears ... I promise I won't let it go that long again! You can check it out at "A Conversation Between Friends" if you're up for it. I changed our template a bit too but it still needs some work. We'll be adding lots of great stuff in the future so be sure to check back.


  1. I can't believe Brody will be 1 next week. Ryan will be 2 on the 6th and we are having his party on the 9th. Great day for a party!!


  2. I know ... doesn't time just fly right by? The 9th is definitely a good day for a party. Hope yours is a blast!

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