Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I just had the yummiest lunch i've made in a very long time. Spinach salad with mushrooms, fresh strawberries that I just picked from my strawberry patch, red pepper and a littlle blue cheese. I made some really yummy salad dressing too. I put some of my over ripe strawberries in a mini food processor with some raspberry balsamic vinegar. YUMMY!!! I have a new favorite salad dressing. :) I also had a sandwich with no-bean hummus, cucumbers and red peppers. Also very, very yummy.

Here's a link to an interesting article a friend sent me about toxins in the kitchen. Interesting point about the microwave. Brett and I always try to avoid the microwave. We probably use our toaster oven more than anything else. We both learned a lot about this type of thing after his mom was diagnosed with cancer. We couldn't fix the cancer but we learned all we could to try and help her. Obviously we weren't able to save her but we learned a lot to help ourselves and our kids will have a great start to a healthy life. That's something i'm proud to pass on.