Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Raw Detox, Day 3

I made some yummy, yummy juice for breakfast this morning. I made extra so I could drink some before accupuncture and yoga tonight but it might not last until then. This stuff is sooooo good that I could drink all 12 ounces right now! It's been a long time since we've used the juicer. I was motivated to break it back out by Stephanie this past weekend and i'm so glad I did. I actually made some coffee before I got the juicer and all the veggies out but I ended up only drinking about a third of it. The juice was looking so good that I didn't want the yucky coffee anymore. I did really well yesterday with my diet. Note that I mean diet as in what food I eat and not as in restricting fat and calories. I don't diet in that way. It always sets me up for failure if I restrict myself from things. Then I end up chowing down late at night. If I fill myself up with lots of healthy stuff then I don't feel like eating crap later on. So for me it's not about how much I eat, it's about what I eat. So this morning i'm feeling great. We walked three miles last night and then had a yummy dinner of spinach salad and some stir-fried veggies with a little chicken. And today I have an accupuncture appointment at 5 and then on to yoga at 6:30. Know what that means? That means I get three whole hours of doing something for myself without kids in tow! Yay!!! This happens so rarely that I almost don't know what to do with myself.

And here's a picture of my juice. Why, you ask? Because it's my blog and that's what I do. :) It's tomato-spinach-carrot-celery juice and it is some yummy, yummy stuff. So yummy, in fact, that I think I have to go back for more when i'm done with this post. I made this mix up myself out of what I had in the fride but I plan on trying some different mixes in the near future. I have two juicing books that are really great. They give recipes based on what health problem you are trying to fix. The two books I have are "Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Healing Juices" by John Heinerman and "Power Juices Super Drinks" by Steve Meyerowitz. I linked to Books-a-Million for each of those in case you want to check them out. I've had these books for about five years. Brett and I used to juice in the morning before work when we lived in Texas. What a great way to start the day. Makes you feel great and gives you way more energy than coffee does. Maybe i'll actually have the juice made before he leaves for work tomorrow and he can share in the vegetable energy yumminess.

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