Thursday, May 03, 2007

One Good Thing ...

... from being sick is that I lost two pounds. Whhhooooooo hooooooo!!! :) I went to yoga last night and as usual I stopped on the scale on my way in. (ha ha ... weigh in, way in ... get it?) I do this to myself every week and it is usually followed but some not-so-nice words muttered under my breath because I have been stuck at the same weight for many months now. So maybe it was being sick, maybe it's the little bit of walking i've been doing, maybe it's my "clean food" diet. Whatever it is, I like it and hope it continues. T-minus two months and two days until I have to wear a bridesmaids dress. Which means about a month and a half before I have to have it tailored. It fits now but I was really hoping to have to have it taken in a bit by then. I'm finally feeling back to my old self again so it's time to get walking. And the "clean diet" is going pretty well. I'll blog more about that later. Right now I have to go get the boys and I ready to go to my nephews preschool graduation program. Wish me luck with all that. Getting the three of us out of the house to get anywhere on time is always a challenge. And of course I add to it all by my usual methods of procrastination. Like sitting here blogging and drinking my coffee.


  1. Celena, I am sure you look great even though I haven't seen you for a bit. You will look awsome at the wedding even if you don't loose weight.