Friday, May 11, 2007

Knitting & Project Linus

Here's a picture of a blanket I donated to Project Linus last week.

I've done some yarn dyeing and my results are promising so far. I've been knitting bags like crazy over the past two weeks. I'm actually designing one as well. I plan to post the pattern here once I finish it. I really want to start another pair of socks when i'm done with the bags but I have to finish the gift for my nephews first if they are going to get it anytime this year. :) I'm holding off on releasing my crafty news until I get some other things finished. More on that some other time.

For SP10 we were asked to blog about our favorite place to knit. My favorite place to knit is always changing. It is wherever I can get a few minutes of peace. I prefer for that to be in the comfy recliner in the picture above with the blanket on it but that doesn't always happen. I often end up knitting in the car. Not while driving, of course. If I head out somewhere in the afternoon the boys are likely to fall asleep so I make sure to always bring some knitting with me. That way if they fall asleep I can sit in a parking lot somewhere listening to some music or a book on CD and do a little knitting while they nap. May sound strange but it's one of the only times I get a little peace and quiet.

Here's a picture of booga bag #2, pre-felted. I absolutely love the colors. I don't think i've ever seen a yarn that fits me any better. In fact, I may just have to keep this bag for myself. ;)

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  1. Wow, I love the colors on that Noro! from the ball it looks like something I'd never pick up; but dang, it looks good knitted up! It's so earthy. I can see why you'd wan to keep that.