Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bugaboo Fire Update

So they just closed 90 miles of both I-10 and I-75 surrounding Lake City. Part of 441 has been closed for a couple of days. Hope nobody was planning a trip through LC today. The smoke cleared out some this morning but now it is back in full force. Fox News Channel is covering the fire so if you want to see some footage of the smoke and fire trucks, turn it on. Orlando Salinas is here covering the fire and is giving regular updates. Wish we made national news for a better reason than an out-of-control wildfire but so goes it. I feel bad for all the wildlife out there. You can tell the birds are hurting from the smoke. There are several that are hanging out on our porch today trying to get some relief. Lucky for them I have all the dogs in the house. They are quite the hunters these days. Rabbits, birds, squirrels, even a fox squirrel last weekend. I hate it but that's what they do. I was planning a trip to the gym and the cafe today for some quiet knitting time but it's gotten so smoky over the past hour that i'm going to stay home. Not the best idea to go drive around when you can't see 1/4 mile ahead of you. Unbelievably though, I just heard our neighbors lawn mower crank up! What is that guy thinking?!?!? Hope he's wearing a mask at least.

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