Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Not Walkin' in That!

So yesterday I had a wind load to get finished before I could do anything else. I usually do them at night after the kids are asleep but I had to get this one done by lunch so the engineer I work for could get it turned in. It was a beautiful morning and I was feeling good about my raw food diet and I was excited to get out there for a walk and to go to the produce stand. I finally finished the wind load, took a shower and got myself and the boys ready. Well as I was getting ready I noticed the color of light filtering into the house had changed to sort of an orange color. I stepped outside to see what was going on and let me tell you ... I felt like I had stepped into the twilight zone or something. It's been smoky here for a few weeks now from the big fire in Georgia but this was something new. Not only was it extremely smoky and orange, there was actually ash falling all over the place. I was sure that Lake City was on fire somewhere. So much for walking. I couldn't even breathe very well while standing still. And the boys definitely don't need to be breathing that stuff in. So we headed out to the produce stand and I couldn't believe what I was seeing while driving around. It was two in the afternoon and the sun was out yet everyone was driving with their headlights on. Visibility on the road was about a half mile at the most. I had my camera with me, as usual, so I took some pictures. Note that I did not change the color of these photos at all. This was actually what it looked like outside yesterday. It got darker and even more orange the closer I got to town. The ash was really bad in town. I opened my window at the drive up atm and my truck was scattered with little white ashes almost immediately. I've seen a lot of wildfire craziness in this part of Florida but i've never seen anything like I saw yesterday.

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  1. You see a hazy day, I see a great day to develop stronger lungs.
    Just pretend your at a BBQ.

    Al Gore