Wednesday, May 16, 2007


My smoothie this morning:

Frozen Strawberries
Stonyfield Organic Plain Yogurt
Silk Organic Soymilk
Milled Flax Seed
Apple Fiber Powder

Yummy, yum, yum. And I still haven't wanted a cup of coffee! I'm looking forward to trying this in my new blender when it arrives. It should micronize the strawberry seeds. I've got to eat especially healthy today to make up for yesterday. We had some nuggets and fries from Wendy's and pizza for dinner ... yikes!!! Definitely not on my "clean food" list. And I feel like I ate crap yesterday too. It's amazing how much your body reacts to what you eat. It really is true that "you are what you eat".

Camera News...
I played with some cameras yesterday and have decided to stick with Sony. They have the fastest shutter lag time which is the most important feature to me. Now i'm trying to decide which model. There was one I was drooling over that I would buy in a heartbeat if money wasn't an option. It's $330 though so it's definitely not in my budget. It's the T20 model. Right now i'm deciding between the W80 and the W55. They both come in pink which I think is awesome. I used to hate pink so it's kind of funny for me to say that. I fell in love with the color pink when I was pregnant with Houston and it has never gone away. Silly, huh? Anyhow, the W80 has image stabilization and face recognition which are nice to haves but not neccesary since i've never had that before. The image stabilization (IS) would be nice though because there have been several times where I thought I got a good shot but it was blurry and i'm assuming it's because I moved when snapping the picture. The W55 doesn't have IS but has a better price tag. I need to figure this out soon though because Brody is about to start walking and I will be really upset if I don't have a camera for that event. It's so hard to shop online because I can't tell how fast the camera is. I might go play with some cameras again today now that I've done some more research. The boys were a nightmare when I tried to do that yesterday so I was distracted, to say the least. My options here in LC are limited to Walmart and Office Max though, unfortunately. And in Walmart half of the battery packs are broken so you can't turn on all the cameras.


  1. I don't know if you're interested, but I'm selling my Fujifilm Finepix digital camera, it's the Z1 model. It's a 500$ camera, Canadian dollars. I'm looking to sell it, with a 512 XD memory card for about 150$. It's 5 megapixels. I'm not sure if you're still looking, or if you bought a camera yet. But it's the camera I've been using until this week for all my blog shots, etc. It's in great working order, I just wanted another one with other features. It takes video and still pictures, and has macro, portrait, etc...

    Let me know? Robyn

  2. So what camera finally won out?

    Alfred Eisenstaedt