Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More River Fun

Andre and Stephanie came to visit us on sunday. We rode the three-wheelers and Gator down to the cabin of some friends of ours and we had some difficulties on the way there. Brett and Houston ended up towing Andre the rest of the way there on one of the three wheelers. Stephanie, Brody and I were all cozy in the Gator. That day was a lot of fun. Houston, Brett and I rode on thier wave runner. Houston kept saying "more fast, more fast daddy" every time Brett slowed down. That boy loves speed!

Here's Houston watching Andre get ready for some knee-boarding action ...

Looks like Brody is on his way to being a river rat just like his brother.

Here's Houston and Brody with their cousins Weston and Turner. These boys had a blast this weekend.
Looks like they wore themselves out on the river ...

Apparently neither of the boys were ready to leave last night because they both pitched a royal fit when we put them in the truck to leave. Houston fell asleep pretty quickly but Brody fussed off and on the whole way home. We think he's having some growing pains in his legs. He gets really restless and just can't get comfortable and keeps kicking his legs. He reminds me of myself when I get fits of restless leg syndrome. I get it really bad when i'm pregnant but it hits me occasionally when I'm not pregnant. The only way i've been able to settle him down is to rub on his legs.


  1. Oh jeez, that last picture is so funny. The looks on their faces are PRICELESS!

  2. I am just imagining what this sounded like... Irene