Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Head Wrap Project

I'm considering using this merino/tencel sock yarn to make one of these head wraps. I really love the color of the yarn but I don't think I want socks that color. I'm not sure if this yarn will be too slippery for a head wrap though. Any of you knitters have any thoughts on this?
Click here to see a better picture of the awesome head wrap on the right in the pic above.


  1. Love the head wrap,how great for summer...I want one!!!Maybe when our children are grown and we have all this free time, you can teach me to knit. Do you think I'll be too old by then?? Love ya-Karena

  2. I've made Molly's Headband two or three times. It's a quick knit, even though it looks like it would take a long time. I think it took maybe four hours? Spread out over about two weeks because I kept putting it down. I love that yarn, though! Either one you choose will be gorgeous.